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Managing Your Investment In A New Way

We specialise in helping Investors grow their wealth through residential rental property and we have purposely built a property management culture that’s very different to the way properties have always been managed in the past.

Because we’re a company who lives, sleeps and breathes investment property we truly understand the kind of relationship Property Managers, Owners and Tenants collectively need to have to make it a success for everyone.

We value both our owners and tenants and we understand their interdependence on one other. We think in terms of total return to the owner and we know a critical part of that is managing the tenant’s expectations honestly and fairly too.

Here’s some quick feedback from a few of our Landlords on our property management service…

I had my tenant give 4 weeks notice then the property was vacant for another 4 weeks so the encumbant rental manager (blank) had 8 weeks to find me a new tenant but they couldn’t. We heard about Direct Rentals from a friend who you’d helped out and I gave you guys a call. You got our details and brought me an approved tenant ready to move in straight away within 24 HOURS… all I can say is b___dy amazing
Debbie, Investment Property Owner & Newly Converted Direct Rentals Landlord
This is our first investment property and the big thing that always worried us was tenant management but that’s been a breeze with you guys handling everything…
Carol, First Time Investment Property Owner & Direct Rentals
Thanks for all your help so far, this really has been a lot less painful than I expected renting to be!!
John, Investment Property Owner, Direct Rentals Landlord and New Tenant


If you’re keen on having your investment property managed in a whole new way, talk to our friendly Team on 1300 777 368, or complete the form below and we’ll contact you asap.

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